Who We Are

Public Relations Society of Tanzania (PRST) is a non-partisan, non-governmental, Public Relations profession organization registered in the Ministry of Home Affairs with Reg. No. S.A. 20173 under The Societies Act [CAP. 337 R.E. 2002].

Our offices are currently located at Mwenge - Dar es Salaam along New Bagamoyo Road.

Established in 2015, Public Relations Society of Tanzania is governed by the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee and encompasses different kinds of membership to the association. It is a body that regulates the practice of Public Relations profession in Tanzania by overseeing, directing and facilitating the efforts of academic institutions instructing Public Relations and organizations practising the profession, that, it is adhered to the highest of standards and excellence in all aspects of communication.

Public Relations Society of Tanzania guided by values of Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism goes beyond Public Relations regulation to events management, dissemination of PR information and is envisioned towards promoting the beauty, greatness and achievements of Tanzania as a Nation, projecting a brighter image to the world and a promising future of the continent and its people for socio-economic development.


Public Relations Society of Tanzania was found on March 2015 by 13 students pursuing Public Relations and Marketing, class of 2015 at St. Augustine University of Tanzania – Mwanza.

The initiative began within an association based at the university, SAUT Students’ Public Relations Association (SSPRA) as a “nucleus” during the 2014/2015 leadership under the chairmanship of Mr. Ndege Makura, and association’s patron, Mr. Frank Katabi

The SAUT Vice Chancellor, Fr. Thadeus Mkamwa, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Negussie Andre .D, together with the Department of Public Relations and Advertising at SAUT played a vital role through their advice and support to the Executive Committee in stages towards PRST registration attained later on August 2015.

Following the mushrooming digital age of communications in 2000’s in Tanzania, interactivity and public engagement to information is no more of a question. This has blurred the boundaries between the doings of companies, organizations and the government with the surrounding community. For that case, organizations are challenged to equip their management with communication programs, qualified personnel that engage with its publics with honesty and demonstrating relevance, as well as academic institutions equipping practitioners with skills that meet the profession’s today’s needs.

Thus, the founders envisioned a body that will bring together practitioners in ensuring excellence in the practice of Public Relations in Tanzania by observance to its constitution and accepted profession’s ethical standards, with a code of conduct based on IPRA code, as well as considering the changing trends in communications.

Further, intended to back and support students - practitioners with the field requirements and at large championing the development of the country through communications that integrates well with the community and the outside world.


To become a strong and sustainable Public Relations body that will promote the development of Tanzanian society.


To develop, support and facilitate academicians and organizations in Public Relations practise and in strengthening good relations with the community.


  • To serve as an umbrella body for all Public Relations practitioners in Tanzania

  • To show and strengthen the importance and roles of Public Relations practitioners in organizational development, society and country at large

  • To champion effective communications and networking among various stakeholders.

  • To advocate and promote Public Relations practitioners at all levels in private and public organizations

  • To supervise the profession’s ethical codes in the field of Public Relation

Our Functions

  • Convene conferences, seminars, workshops and other professional gatherings in the country for the purpose of realizing the objectives of the association.

  • Publish and disseminate information on Public Relations or communication relevant to members of the association.

  • Conducting outreach programs and seminars that increase the understanding and practicability of Public Relations functions

  • Fundraising so as to implement the programs and activities of the association.

  • Doing business/activities with any registered international organization in all such matters within the country.

  • Conducting all such activities that may be relevant to attainment of the objectives of the association