Become a member under this category if you are a Public Relations personnel, Public Relations instructor/lecturer from an academic institution or just a graduate in Public Relations field. PRST also brings Public Relations associations found within colleges or universities under this category. As an Ordinary member at PRST, you will benefit in a range of areas. We strive to introduce and improve services that will meet the profession’s needs:
  • PRST helps you stay in touch with the profession
  • It brings you within an endless professional network with collogues, experts and organizations.
  • PRST as a resource towards professional development opportunities though seminars and workshops
  • Access to information on profession’s progressional courses, reviews, and market needs.
  • Updated on industry news and upcoming trends with impact to the stakeholders.
  • PRST sets a platform to showcase practitioner’s talents and achievements through advocacy and awards.
  • Membership makes you a part of an organization that decides on professional standards in the practice through forums and conferences.
Get associated with the large professional body in the country as you acknowledge the benefits of communication and its standards todays era. As a company, organization, institution or individual affirming to PRST efforts, become a member as an associate today and benefit on:
  • Recognition and credibility building across a wide range of stakeholders by associating with a professional body.
  • Access to, suggestion and recruitment of qualified practitioners in the communication field.
  • Information services on general industry’s communication management and advice.
There are communication experts, influencers and high reputable individuals that have not only demonstrated great achievements in the profession, but have a great impact in the socio-economic development of the society. It is PRST’s honor to award such profiles an Honorary Membership in the profession and to recognize their enormous contributions. The initiative