On Monday, June 19th, 2017, Public Relations Society of Tanzania - PRST Executive leaders and some members (19 in total) were honored to visit the National Assembly (Bunge) in Dodoma.

PRST visited the Assembly to build on the communication works of the organ, to experience how sessions are conducted and to present itself as a communication profession's body in the country.

The Parliament's high etiquette, communication team, led by Director of Communications, Jossey Mwakyasuka was a gracious host. PRST was esteemed to attend and follow by, the Parliamentary sessions that began with questions to the office of the Prime Minister and other various ministries before being officially introduced to the Assembly by Chairman of the meeting, M.P. Mussa Azzan Zungu.

PRST, further, had a chance to tour few areas of the Assembly before convened in a short session by the communication team to discuss various aspects of communication, stakeholders and plans.

It is of great significance to have an association of Public Relations and that which can cooperate closely with the Parliament's team to improve communications," said Deo, one of the hosts from communication team.

PRST also met with Minister of Information, Culture, Artists and Sports - Hon. Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe, Minister of Constitutional and Legal Affairs - Hon. Prof. Palamagamba Kabudi, Director of Information Services - Dr. Hassan Abbas and Director of Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation - Dr. Ayub Rioba for a courteous introductory gesture.

We are happy that we met with Bunge communication officials, MP’s and the Minister for Information, Culture and Artists and Sports, Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe. We were able to introduce ourselves, discussed and exchanged ideas on how best PR and Corporate Communications can be practised in Tanzania,” PRST Secretary General, Ndege Makura said.

Stakeholders and practitioners in the field of Public Relations / Corporate Communications are coming together and growing stronger under PRST membership, in shaping the future of the profession through experiences and new ideas whilst raising the bar of practice.