The 1st Public Relations / Corporate Communication forum was held at the University of Dar es Salaam – UDBS hall in Dar es Salaam, on 27th May, 2017. The forum brought communication practitioners around the country and last-year students pursuing Public Relations from Dar es Salaam. The forum provided a networking opportunity and experience sharing among the industry practitioners. The forum was organized by the Executive Committee in collaboration with a task force of various practitioners in the region, and supported by sponsors, the University of Dar es Salaam and CocaCola Co Ltd. The forum was attended by approximately 110 delegates.

The overall goal of the forum was to have a developing communication profession with a strategic plan that will get us there by capitalizing on the trending opportunities and find resolve to the challenges ahead.

The specific objectives of the forum were:

  1. To address stakeholders’ insights on local communication challenges.
  2. To get the most out of new ideas for opportunities.
  3. To develop personnel resource to the association through membership and networking.

The Theme for the forum was; “Public Relations / Corporate Communication practice in Tanzania: Opportunities and Challenges” with a focus on the following sub-topics;

  1. Development of PR/Communication profession in the light of International Associations.
  2. PR/Communication overview in Tanzania.
  3. Opportunities from International Agencies to PRST.

The forum structure was marked by sessions of opening remarks, introductions, key presentations reflecting the sub-topics, and theme contributions and discussions from the delegates.