Public Relations Society of Tanzania

  • 07 Jul, 2023
  • Admin

The Public Relations Society of Tanzania (PRST), in collaboration with PR/communication companies under the endorsement of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology presented/hosted the first ever PUBLIC RELATIONS EXCELLENCE AWARDS in Tanzania.

This award aimed to promote, motivate and encourage professional excellence among the Public Relations/communication Practitioners in Tanzania and creativity in strategic planning, advocating, lobbying, implementing, and measuring deliverables of public relations programs across all sectors. It focused on promoting professional and corporate responsibilities for the country’s sustainable development.

The first PR awards, 2022 focused on a few areas in which all PR Practitioners should have a great contribution. Such areas are Public Education, Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Issues and Crisis Management, which have the privilege impacts to both corporates and society.

Public Relations Excellence Awards look at the great performance the organization, company, and institution have done to transform society and stakeholders, which all depend to excel. Taking consideration, PR Excellence Awards cuts across to all public and private entities, which have an equal chance to be recognized and appreciated for their outstanding roles to transform society while including all sectors of the national economy, such as education, health, housing, power, water, mining, banking, energy, telecommunications, construction, and environment, among others.

The Awards involved all Public and private organizations, institutions and companies, Public Relations, Communication, and Marketing practitioners from the government ministries, local government institutions, parastatal organizations, private companies, public relations firms, utilities, universities, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

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