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  • 07 Jul, 2023
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Public Relations Training

Date: 26th March, 2022

Topic: Leadership Agility & Effectively Networking


1.      Prof. Charles Musiba – University of Colorado Denver.

2.     Dr. David Sango Mrisho (PhD) – St. Augustine University of Tanzania.

3.     Dr. Dominic Negussie – St. Augustine University of Tanzania

Effective leadership require the ability to flexibly respond to a constantly changing and unpredictable environment with ease and agility.

In this course you will participate in active and engaging exercises to help you embrace spontaneity, work effectively with others and tailor your behavior to the needs of your audience and the situation. Participants will gain an understanding of what drives other to act and learn how to effortlessly engage others into meaning and enjoyable interaction.

The course will additionally provide you with tools designed to maximize your creativity and problem solving.

Target Delegates

Public Relations/ Marketing/Communications Practitioners, Information Officers & other Senior and Middle managers from both Public and Private Sectors.


“Certificates will be given for all Attendees” 

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