Dar es Salaam, 7th May, 2018 – The Tanzania edition of Africa Communications Week hosted by Public Relations Society of Tanzania (PRST) will take place on Friday 25th May, 2018 at the National Assembly Conference Hall, Dar es Salaam, under the theme ‘Economic Integration in Africa: Opportunities for PR/communication professionals to escalate an Industrialized Tanzania.’

Africa Communications Week is the premier gathering for communications professionals and thought leaders looking to impact the current narratives on Africa. Powered by a virtual international team of multi-talented communications professionals who share a vision for transformative change in Africa through strategic communications, Africa Communications Week aims to convene communications leaders from various backgrounds across the world, to critically assess the role of communications in Africa’s socio-economic development.

Narratives surrounding Africa have an impact on the socio-economic development of the continent, Africa focused communicators must therefore be strategic about shaping a narrative that is so vital to the transformation of the continent.

“Integrating Africa is about infrastructure, technology, finance AND communications – Strategic communications is a key driver for the transformation of the continent” explains ACW co-founder, Eniola Harrison. ACW is open to all communications professionals with an expertise/interest in Africa, from African countries and across the globe.

“Tanzania is undergoing reforms in the industrial sector and these will lead to more open regional and African markets in the future, thus the role of communications is significant in integrating Africa in such economic endeavors. This is why Tanzania is holding the African Communication Week 2018 edition to explore a range of opportunities for PR/communication professionals” says PRST President, Mr. Loth Makuza.

Each year around Africa Day, a series of conferences and events will be organized by communications professionals and organizations in Africa and across the world to encourage Africa focused communications professionals connect, engage and reflect on the role of communications in Africa’s development. The Tanzania edition of the event will feature presentations and panel dialogue by communication professionals and industrial stakeholders.

ACW also promotes knowledge and professional development by hosting informative webinars and master classes as well as providing practical tools on how Africa focused communicators can begin to advance more realistic narratives about Africa.

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