Public Relations Society of Tanzania

PR Excellence Awards, 2022

PR Excellence Awards, 2022


The Public Relations Society of Tanzania (PRST) for the first time in Tanzania is introducing in its history of Public Relations/Communications profession the PUBLIC RELATIONS EXCELLENCY AWARDS for the year 2022.


The objective of the Awards

The objective of this Awards is to promote and motivate professional excellence, creativity in planning, advocating, lobbying, implementing and measuring deliverables of PR programs in their respective working areas


Definition of the Award

The Best Award is defined as the Public Relations Excellence Awards 2022 that looks to the performance excellence in the Public Relations profession in Tanzania which must meet all important elements which have been adequately implemented, and ended up satisfying the set of evaluation criteria.



The Word “eligible” means “satisfying the conditions to do or receive something”. The following are points of eligibility for the Award: -


The eligibility for Award is in all areas of the national economy such as Education, Health, Housing, Power, Water, Mining, Banking, Energy, Telecommunications, Construction, CSR and others


Participants for the Awards

The Awards will involve all Public Relations/ Communications and Marketing departments in the government ministries, Local government institutions, Parastatal Organizations, Private companies, Public Relations firms, Utilities, Universities, Religious institutions or NGO’s.


Filling in the Forms

The PRST Board will decide if it is prudent for those wishing to be nominated to fill in special nomination forms (to be filled by the organizations intending to participate in the program. The said form will be obtained in the PRST office or online. It will also be accessed in the PRST’s website. The forms shall contain all the necessary information required to make an entry. The organizations will be allowed to submit only one entry, not more than that.




Awards’ entrance fee

All eligible firms and companies for awards will have the obligation to pay reasonable entrance fee as suggested by PRST Board and be stated in the registration form.


Method of collection of the Entries

The process of collecting entries will commence when the process of media advertisements has started. Properly written media advertisements will be placed in the print media, electronic media and even social media/blogs to announce of the AWARD FOR BEST PUBLIC RELATIONS EXCELLENCE, YEAR 2022.

The advertisements especially those which have been put in different newspapers will contain enough details, to guide the firms under respective departments to send their entries to PRST.


Categories & Criteria of Evaluation

Criteria for the Awards will upon the following regardless the nature, maturity, sector which company, firm and institution is:-


a)      PR department set up

b)     Media Relations

c)      Public Education

d)     Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

e)      Corporate Image

f)       Client Satisfaction

g)     Issues and Crisis Management


Special Awards

Apart from general awards for the best performers in Public Relations, there will be special awards for the best Public Relations Agencies and Public Relations Students Associations depending the evaluation criteria set by the judgement committee.


PR personality of the year.

Not only awards for corporate companies, PRST will recognize the best Public Relations practitioner of the Year. Advisory Board will set all evaluation criteria in collaboration with Judgement committee.

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