Public Relations Society of Tanzania

Adopted in 2016

Adopted in 2016 the PRST Code of Conduct is an assertion of Professional and Ethical conduct by members of the Public Relations Society of Tanzania. The Code partly refers the 2011 International Public Relations Association (IPRA) Code of Conduct and the 1977 Constitution of The United Republic of Tanzania.


RECALLING “The 1977 Constitution of The United Republic of Tanzania” and especially recalling Article 18;

RECALLING the Charter of the United Nations which determines “to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, and in the dignity and worth of the human person”;

RECALLING the 1948 “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and especially recalling Article 19;

RECALLING that Public Relations, by fostering the free flow of information, contribute to the interests of all stakeholders;

RECALLING that the Conduct of Public Relations and public affairs provides essential democratic representation to public authorities;

RECALLING that public relations practitioners through their wide-reaching communication skills, possess a means of influence that should be restrained by the observance of a code of professional and ethical conduct;

RECALLING that via all channels/media of communication, erroneous or misleading information may be widely disseminated and remain unchallenged, and therefore demand special attention from public relations practitioners to maintain trust and credibility;

Code To The State

Respect the principles of the Constitution of United Republic of Tanzania and the laws respectively. Not offer or give any rewards to any person holding public office, with the intent to uphold the interests of the association

Code To PRST

At all times respect the provisions in the constitution of Public Relations Society of Tanzania, its code of ethics and the authority;

Code To Integrity

At all times act with honest and integrity so as to secure and retain the confidence of those with whom the practitioner comes into contact;