Public Relations Society of Tanzania

Public Relations Society of Tanzania (PRST) is a country Public Relations Professional Association established as an umbrella body that strive to regulate the Public Relations & Communication Profession in the country. It brings together all professionals to a single and strong profession voice.

Our Vision

Become an effective Public Relations professional body for guidance, promotion and overseeing the profession excellence in the country.


To nurture professional and quality practices of Public Relations in Tanzania.

What we do?

·       To advance the status and understanding of public relations and communication as a professional discipline and body of knowledge and to encourage its professional practice for the societal development.

·       To accredit Public Relations professionals in Tanzania

·  To credit Public Relations and Communication courses in universities, colleges and institutions

·   To formulate and promotes policies and practices including codes of conduct for the benefit of community and public relations/ communication professionals.

·       To guide, promotes and oversee PR professional excellence for Tanzanian Community

·       To guide the PR Professional Conducts in Tanzania

·       Undertake activities that enhance the usefulness, efficiency and skills of PR and communication professionals

·   To present and promote the interest of public relations and communication professionals nationally.

·    To approve and monitor all PR/Communication agencies and consultancy firms in Tanzania.

·       To undertake any PR campaign and public education that aims to raise Public awareness

Other Services provided by PRST

·       Preparing of Communication Strategy

·       Conducting of Researches

·       Agenda Setting

·       Audience analysis

·       Customer Care and Employees Trainings

·       Event planning & Management

·       Speech writing