The meeting commenced at 14:00HRS in the afternoon with brief introductions whereas the people who attended this meeting included:

  1. Mr. Paul V. Mallimbo – MCT Programme Officer
  2. Mr. Saumu J. Mwalimu – MCT Programme Officer
  3. Mr. Ndege Makura – PRST Secretary General
  4. Mr. David Mwaipaja – PRST National Coordinator
  5. Ms. Mary Saldadaa – PRST member
  6. Mr. John Mashiganza – PRST member

Having given brief introductions, the Secretary General started by explaining what Public Relations Society of Tanzania is, its objectives, activities and the goals it is looking forward to achieve in the future. He briefly spoke on the long awaited body for communication practitioners in Tanzania and for raising of practice standards, hence establishment of PRST.

Mr. Mallimbo then gave an introduction of Media Council of Tanzania, its activities and goals. He said that MCT is there to support the development of media profession in Tanzania through trainings, campaigns whilst overseeing journalists, broadcasters and other media players toward ethical practices.

The main topic of discussion and deliberation, among others, was the need for increasing cooperation between journalists and Public Relations / Communication practitioners. Mr. Mallimbo emphasized that a close cooperation is essential in providing the needed information to the public.

It was recommended that, for this cooperation to be successful, PRST would conduct joint trainings to communication stakeholders in the future.

MCT leaders were also glad for the establishment of PRST, and on the code of conduct aspect, the body sets for practitioners, and promised to work together on its dialogue.

Contributing the argument, Mr. Makura assured PRST’s readiness to cooperate with MCT and should our support be needed on professional courses, we would achieve well in partnership.

The meeting further discussed organizational experiences and how we could best attain shared goals.

With no any other business, the meeting ended at 16:05HRS with MCT leaders handling of copies of their constitution and code of conduct to PRST leaders, as participants exchanged remarks of appreciation.